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Instructional Designer

I have over a decade of experience in higher education, supporting faculty, staff, and students in the area of instructional design and instructional technology. Please visit my LinkedIn profile below for more information on job roles I have held in the areas of instructional design and technology.

I am proficient in Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai. Included below are two examples, created with Canvas and with Sakai. The latter Sakai course also includes Adobe Captivate modules.

Course Design Example (Canvas)

This course Queer Theory & You: What is It & How Can I Use It? was created for one of my doctoral classes. The intent behind this course was to simulate how I would introduce queer theory to my current faculty in the school of business as an asynchronous faculty development opportunity.

Sections include:

  • A New Alphabet: LGBTQIA+
  • OK, So What About Gender?
  • Highlights of Queer History
  • What is Queer Theory?
  • What is Queering the Curriculum & How Do I Do It?

To interact with this course, you can register for the course at

Course Design Example (Sakai)


InterAct is an online introduction to stage management course, geared towards students already working in theatre and who have declared stage management majors. Online courses in stage management are not found in surveying current offerings, though other introductory level theatre courses are available. With current technology, this does not have to be the case. Combining traditional elements of theatre courses and interactive elements allows students to build upon their prior knowledge and apply their understanding through the interactive activities and portfolio creation. The course is composed of traditional textual and multimedia resources as well as interactive elements like portfolio work, peer review, online mentoring, discussion forums, and interactive videos.  This course is built in the Sakai learning management system.

Instructions for Access

Click on the Email Login on the upper right-hand side.

Guest Username: IAGuest

Password: 1AGu3st

Please Note: Sakai is currently having issues displaying the in-module interactions. A selection of interactions is displayed below.

Multimedia Samples for InterAct

Captivate Modules

For my final capstone project, seven choose-your-own-adventure modules were built into the framework of a Sakai site. These modules provided a practice-based element that complimented the readings and assignments stage management students created.

Module 1 | Pre-Production

Launch Presentation

Module 2 | Auditions

Launch Presentation

Module 3


Launch Presentation

Module 4

Tech Week

Launch Presentation

Module 5

Opening Night

Launch Presentation

Module 6

Continuing the Run

Launch Presentation

Module 7

Closing Night

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